9 & 11 April Cats show & Cats’ Museum visit prior to the show

The cats’ theatre is a world phenomena. Everybody knows the expression “cats’ management”, meaning the impossibility… And indeed, you can’t tame a cat. A cat is a proud animal. Which is why they don’t even use such a word in the Theatre.  However, cats, as all the other animals understand love and care. And they like to play. The cats, stars of the show, perceive each performance as a game.

And they do amazing, unbelievable things. You just don’t expect it from them.

The 200 cats – actors live in cats apartments. The apartments are done in different styles: Russian, Japanese, hi-tech.

The training sessions usually take place at night as this is the time when the animals are more active and acute.

The theatre has a cats’ Museum, where you can see cats made of various materials in all forms, shapes and sizes J You can see various awards, including many international ones. The Museum boasts numerous presents from famous and well-known people, i e from Princess Diana.

What else?

Come and enjoy the show! The advantage is that you don’t need to speak Russian to understand it J No language barrier, just positive emotions and excitement!

COVID measures:

The theatre currently sells only 50% of the seats.

You will be sat on the 2nd floor, in the boxes, away from the main auditorium, practically above the stage.

The number of boxes is limited to 4 ( two on the left side and 2 on the right side);  if you purchase 2 boxes (6 places) you will be alone with your family on the 2nd floor.

If you are interested, please let me know sooner rather than later 🙂

Please see the location of the boxes.


View of the stage from the box

Exhibits of the Cats Museum