9th July Vladimir-Suzdal tour

The first stop is the Assumption Cathedral, a unique monument of the white-stone Uspen Vladimirarchitecture of Vladimir town. The cathedral was built in the middle of the XII century by Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky as the main church of the Vladimir-Suzdal Principality. World-famous frescoes by Andrei Rublev are preserved there. You will then proceed to the small, one-domed cathedral of St. Dmitry, built in the beginning of the XII century by Prince Vsevolod as his palace church. The cathedral´s interior still features frescoes of the XII century.
You will also visit the Golden Gates — considered to be the door to Vladimir built in the Golden Gate Vladimirearly XII century by Prince Andrei Bogolubsky. In ancient times they served as the main military tower of the fortress.

After that we will drive to Suzdal, where we will visit

Museum of Russian Wooden Architecture, Spaso-Efimovsky Monastery and Suzdal Kremlin.

This is a full day trip. We leave Moscow with a 9.30h train and return right after 19h
The cost is 8500 rub per person.
This includes transportation ( train trickets to Vladimir and a mini-van from Vladimir to Suzdal and back), guided visits to the Museums and cathedrals, and excludes lunch.
* The tour will take place if there is a group of people interested.