Nutcracker suite ballet by Jury Posokhov

Dear friends,

Last year it was 130 years anniversary of the «Nutcracker suite» ballet and world famous choreographer Jury Possokhov

who staged a number of ballets at the Bolshoi and in the leading theatres around the world presented a new classical version of the «Nutcracker» where he introduces some new characters from Hoffmann’s fairy tale (they were originally left out of the ballet)

The ballet is shown at Stanislavsy Theatre, which is well-known by all the Russian ballet afficionados. The quality of the ballet is the same as at the Bolshoi, the dancers chosen for this ballet are exceptional.

Tickets are available on demand if you let me know the date.

23 December 12h or 19h

24 December 12h or 19h

28 December 19h

29 December 12h or 19h

30 December 12h or 19h

31 December 12h or 18h

2 January 12h or 18h

3 January 12h or 18h

4 January 12h or 18h

Please let me know asap if you are interested.