15th April Preparing to Easter — Master class in «Kulich»

Kulich is traditional Russain food for Easter. Traditionally people bake either on e big Kulich (and slice it) or a number of small kulich to give them to their friends at Easter day.  So, that is what we are going to try to achieve.

The chef will be baking a big Kulich, for us to try it in the end of the master-class. Everybody participating in the master-class will bake their own small kulich to take home.

We will also learn to make traditional Russian drink — «Mors»

The master-class will start at 14h (Taganskaya metro)

Duration: about 2h

Cost : 2500 rub per person

*The master-class will take place if there is a minimum of 8 participants.bac26e5d 3 2 1