2 August Go-karting for children

This tour has something for everyone!  This is a 100 % family friendly tour as we combine children’s entertainment and the beauty and ambiance of the historical location we are visiting!

There are 2 more advantages in joining this event 🙂

The estate is situated in Moscow, within the city.

And the whole visit is taking place outside, as a preventive measure in connection with COVID-19.

At the beginning we will enjoy the rides, “driving” around the estate in the vehicles below:)

There are battery powered go-karts suitable for small children (up to 25 kg)

And pedal powered go-karts for energetic teenagers and adults.

There also are 2-seats go-karts if you are a family or prefer someone else to do the pedalling for you 😉 Though, we don’t plan on getting overtired! 😉

After a drive through the park, the children will enjoy some attractions in a theme park including traditional carnival rides comprising different carousels, bumper cars and more.

We then will have a picnic outside, enjoying some traditional food (Ossetia pies typical fare from the Russian South and soft drinks)

During the picnic I will share information about the estate and its long history. Conceived and constructed during the middle of the XIV century, the great- grand parents of Ivan the Terrible were amongst the first owners. Historian Mikhail Korobko wrote a great book with illustrations and pictures, tracing the parks history from its first owners, through the Soviet era when the estate was nationalised and badly damaged, right up to the present day.

The estate also has a beautiful pond with a Duck House and it is possible to feed the birds. I will also bring badminton rackets, Frisbee and skipping rope.

The go-karts will be cleaned with disinfectant liquid and wiped down before we take the rides. I will have extra wet wipes and disinfectant with me, in case you want to play with the Frisbee and Badminton. To be sure you are safe, we are taking every precaution 😉

I hope to see you soon!