23 August Mosfilm Studio visit

Moscow’s Hollywood! One of the biggest film-making studios in Russia and the world!

The Mosfilm Studio is Europe’s biggest film studio. where the Soviet A-list super stars were born, where immortal movie masterpieces were created and where amazing curiosities are kept. We will see fantastic film sets, a great collection of unique carriages and automobiles; scenery, costumes (including a super wig collection) and other props.

A permanent feature of the exhibition is “Ancient Moscow”. If you want to see how our predecessors lived several centuries ago, join the tour and see for yourself!

As this a working film studio, no two tours are the same. Areas are opened to the public as they become available and others are closed. If you have visited before, it is still possible to experience something new.

The Mosfilm Tour is not only about the glorious pages of cinematic history. Here everything is still bubbling with life, and new films are continually being shot. We will immerse ourselves in Mosfilm’s creative atmosphere as we tour the great sets.

We will see the great architectural props and monuments built for previous productions. We will visit the cinema pavilion; the official Mosfilm museum (a collection of working retro cars including the ZIS-11 Ferdinand, criminal transport from the film «Meeting Place …» and the GAZ-21 Volga from the «Diamond Arm»; coaches, costumes, dummies, etc.); we will look on St. Petersburg and Old Moscow scenery and old camera equipment, the sketches, the actors’ costumes in the Main Building.

There is an exposition about the 1967 Soviet horror movie «Viy». This was the first horror movie created in the USSR and we will see how it was created. There were many restrictions during this period and the producers and directors got around these by claiming the film was a folk story. Loosely based on the book by Gogol, the movie is not frightening at all, now. But then it had the same effect as to children, who hid behind the furniture when watching an episode of Doctor Who [or similar] in the west! 

Finally, you will see how the make-up shop masters work, visit the decorated sets of new films and walk along the streets of old Moscow and follow the heroes of «Doctor Zhivago» and «The Rider named Death».

The cost of the tour is 2750 rub per person

The tour group is meeting at Kievskaya at 10.30h