22 August Husky Carts & Barbecue ( evening visit)

There is always something magical about the first days of spring, as flowers bloom, the perfume of the blossom, sounds of bees and birds, and the warmth from the sun (hopefully!) While the calendar will dispute this, as we are in summer and a long way from our Spring, the analogy is quite apt.  The pandemic, and subsequent lockdown was as bad as any winter but equally, our freedom now is as wonderful as an early spring day.

We are taking advantage of the great summer weather and being able to move around the countryside.  Our tours are being designed for the new reality – small groups, spacing on transport, own transport if preferred and, for the time being at least, we will avoid large groups of people, festivals etc., etc to mitigate risk.

We will, however, still have fun!

Some of you may have taken part in the amazing winter husky rides. Well, apparently, you cannot keep a good dog down! We will visit our husky farm close to Moscow. The same friendly, fluffy Huskies will transport you on a wheeled cart!  The cart seats two and you feel like you are flying across the path. You will hear the panting dogs, the soft padding of their paws over the track and the instructions from the handlers as the dogs are doing what they love best, pulling people! These are incredible animals and hugely entertaining with their antics and great conversation.

You will have an opportunity to play and take pictures with these beautiful well-natured animals, to make sure this visit stays in your memories whilst waiting for your turn on the carts.  In keeping with the summer, we will enjoy a delicious BBQ washed down with refreshing Russian-style Sangria and Spritzer wine (for adults). Kvas is available for the children.

What is includes: Minivan transportation to the Farm, Husky rides, BBQ, refreshments whilst waiting for your turn on the carts