8 November Beer Plant and Museum

Have you ever been to a beer and “kvas” production plant? 

For those who do not know,  “kvas” is a traditional Russian drink sold at every corner during the summer J You probably wondered what the big yellow barrels were, with shop assistants under parasols selling a strange brown hissing drink…”Kvas” is also used in “okroshka”-  the traditional Russian cold soup popular in summer months.

But I understand that beer is probably the most interesting 🙂

Well, this is one of the biggest beer-and-non-alcoholic-drink production facilities in Russia. 

The museum has a unique collection of beer and “kvas” production equipment that reveals all the secrets of this business.

In the museum you will see Russia as she was 200 years ago, when beer and “kvas” was produced in every home and then travel to the XXI century with its innovative production technology.

Huge pieces are on display in the street , while indoors you would see a recreated Russian house «izba» and understand how to make beer at home!

After that we will go to a production line. The aromas here can make you faint! But you should be strong, as the next step is the degustation hall. A cozy museum bar gets fresh drinks right from the production line

When: we meet at 11.45h at Kuntsevskaya metro station and travel on a dedicated bus that will bring us straight to the plant.

Cost: 1500 rub per person. Children can come for free and they are welcome as the tour is not only about beer but also about kvas and lemonade ))