9 November Christmas ornaments factory and master-class

A Visit to Christmas ornaments factory, Christmas ornaments Museum and master-class

The town of Klin in Moscow area is famous for of its’ unique Museum. The Christmas Ornaments Museum tells the story of fir tree decorations from the XIX century when they started decorating Christmas tree with sweets, nuts, apples and hand-made paper ornaments.

The Museum has 12 exposition halls that tell the story of this craft in Klin area. Count Menshikov, friend of Peter the Great, was granted the permission to build a glass-production factory on his estate. It was 1848 and this is where it all started. Vast reserves of quartz sand explain the construction of the factory in this area. At the beginning they made lamps and bottles which had a more practical appliance J  Cut-glass ware from Menshikov plant was famous all over Russia.

Peasants working at the factory learnt the skill and started to open their own workshops, making glass beads, ear rings and buttons.

In the next exposition hall you will see a working place of an artisan of the XIX century.

There is a hall devoted to the period of 40-60s. This was a difficult time for Russia (it is time of the Great Patriotic War and the after-war period). You will see how this is reflected in Christmas decorations. Christmas ornaments of the time bear the USSR symbolic. You can see ornaments in the form of medals, stars and planes.

There is a hall devoted to the world-famous «Nutcracker» ballet as Tchaikovsky wrote the music for the ballet in Klin area.

At the factory you will observe artisans at work and enjoy the picturesque process of Christmas ornaments creation.

At the master-class everyone will decorate their own Christmas ornament. This will stay with you for good memory.

In the end it is possible to visit a factory shop and buy produce of the local artisans.

When: we leave at 11.30 h from Smolenskaya Square. We will travel in a comfortable mini bus

Cost: 2800 rub per person

* Please confirm your interest by 12h on the 31st.