4th March Park «Patriot» visit

9.00h Leaving Moscow in a comfortable minivanmuzei5

11:00h Tour of the Tank Museum

The Museum boasts an extensive collection of 350 pieces of equipment originating  from14 countries.  60 pieces are unique, which means that in terms of singularity, this is the largest tank Museum in the world.

13.00h transfer to the “Patriot Park” and “Partisan village complex”

13.30h lunch 0a7a1057

14.00h Visit to the “Partisan village”

 The display tells the story of the partisan movement. Partisan groups started to work on the territory of the USSR from the first days of the war with Nazi Germany until 1944. Real events and documented description of partisans’ lives inspired this exposition. You will learn about partisan legends, their heroic acts, their everyday life and how they lived.

15.00h transfer to the open air exposition area 2

Tour of the outdoors military equipment exposition at the “Space and air forces sector”. On display are 268 pieces of Soviet and Russian aircraft, tanks and armoured vehicles. Part of the exposition is devoted to damaged pieces. They stayed untouched as they were recovered, to remind us of the horrors of the war.

16.00h departure

18.00h back in Moscow

Cost: 6500 rub

The event will take place if there is a minimum of 10 people interested.

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