Northen Lights 4-9 March

Day 1 (4/03) 

Late afternoon flight from Moscow into Murmansk

Тransfer from the airport

* Northen lights hunt (the program includes 1 night of «hunting» for the Norten lights, 3-5 hours. The best night will be chosen, according to the special Aurora weather forecast)

Day 2 (5/03)

Passing to a supermarket to get lunch boxes

Тour to Teriberka (board of Barentsevo sea and the Arctic ocean)

— 130km via tundra, via the only road it Russia that gets you to the Arctic ocean! Several stops on the way, including the valley of wishes

— Cemetery of the abandoned ships

— snowmobile trip to the frozen waterfalls (extra, 1000 rub per person)

Feeding the reindeer

Banya on the shore of a sandy bay (optional, 7000 rub per 1h)

Spending night in Teriberka. «National Geographic Traveler» included Teriberka in the top 20 places to be visited on our planet, saying that this small vilage has amazing landscapes of northen tundra and waterfalls.

-Northern lights hunt, if this looks like the best night.

*The program includes 1 night of the Northen lights hunting. Your guide will select the best night, according to the forecast

Day 3 (6/03) 

A walk around the old Teriberka

Transfer to Lovozero, the «capital» of Saami ( small local nation)

Saami Musem

Dinner included

Night at Lovozero

Northen Lights hunt (if this is the best night)

Day 4 ( 7/03) 

Breakfast included

Tour of the lake on snowmobiles ( a snowmobile takes 2 people, so 1 person is driving, the 2nd is a passanger; you can swap the roles)

You will be given clothing, helmets, gloves


Taking pictures with huskies

Husky sled rides

Lunch is included

Returning to Murmansk

Day 5 (08/03) 

City tour

— Alesha Monument is overwhelming. It’s one of the biggest war monuments in Russia. Observation point by the monument allows an amazing panoramic view over the port and the city.

— “Kursk” monument, memorial to sailors who perished in peaceful times

— Wooden monastery, straight from a Russian fairy tale

— Picture by “Lenin” nuclear icebreaker. It was built by the Soviet Union to service the Northen Sea route and ensure the navigation season doesn’t stop. An azazing, innovative for the time technologies. Visited by many famous people, including the British Prime Ministor Harold Macmillan and American Vice- President Richard Nixon.

* Your guide will book you for dinner at Tundra restaurant ( dinner not included)

This is the best restaurant in Murmansk, a yummy place that it is truly worthwhile visiting 🙂

Northen lights hunt, 3-5 hours *


Day 6 (9/03)  

Transfer to the airport


*** Cost of the tour is 87 500 rub per person. The price includes tranfres from and to the airport and private transportation along the tour; English speaking guide; tickets and activities along the way apart from the ones that are marked as «extra»; hotel accomodation in the places along the tour, partially meals (as marked). One night of Northen Lighst hunt, 3-5h  ( Northen lights is a natural phenomenon; there are various ways of forecasting the lights and the location where they will be seen at their best; so the guides compare the forecasts, look at the wind direction and try to predict the place where there are no clouds (as the lights forecast can be excellent but if the sky is cloudy there is no chance)  and usually collectively choose the most «likely» places/ times)  Extra: flights to Murmansk; other meals.

There are very good, yummy fish and meat restaurants in Murmansk, where you can experience Northen cuisine. Sea food is fresh and local; in terms of meat Saami ( a small disappearing nation with their own language) eat reindeer. Some other exotic types of meat are on the menu (bear). Vegeterian options are possible,  but the choice is quite limited.

*** This is a group tour (usually not more than 4-8 people)

***  Road to Teriberka

The road to Teriberka ( to the Arctic ocean) sometimes gets closed down by the government due to the weather conditions ( white out) This happens a few times during the winter season. If that happens during your stay in Murmansk, Teriberka tour will be moved to a different day. If that is impossible, it will be replaced by a different activity.