30 January 2021 Star City Tour

The tour of the Star City Cosmonaut Training Center gives as near as perfect feel of space-life as can be recreated on Earth. You will see a full size replica of the Mir orbital space station , all its modules and a Soyuz spacecraft. Here astronauts train for spacewalks and engineering in orbit and learn to live and work in weightless conditions.

The full-size simulator of “Soyuz” spacecraft allows the crew to work out and practise their actions at different stages of the flight such as pre-launch operations, launching the ship into the Earth’s orbit, docking with the International Space Station and landing. It provides the crew with the information about the condition of all of the ship’s systems.

The International Space Station is considered to be the grandest object in the Space, created by humanity. The idea of ​ ​ constructing such a space complex appeared in 1984. Following the start of the development project, it became clear that the complex requires a lot of funding. NASA decided to look for support from the other countries. Thus, from 1992 the complex becomes the International Space Station, with Russia being its active participant.  One of the main goals of the International Space Station is conducting the experiments in zero gravity conditions. The Centre of Cosmonaut Training (proper name of the facility we are visiting in the Star City) has a large hall, full of simulators re-creating Russian segment of the International Space Station. This facility allows to prepare astronauts for various flight conditions, including playing out emergency situations and scenarios.

As we are visiting an active astronaut training facility, a long process of receiving approval for non-Russian nationals is involved.

If you are interested, please email me and I will send you a form to complete to enroll on the tour.

Confirmation deadline is the 25 November 2020

Costs: 8500 rub for adults & 5500 rub for children under 14 years old